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Posted by Lex, on March 6, 2010


By lex, on March 3rd, 2010

Some folks in naval circles wondered why CAPT Holly Graf, late of the USS Cowpens, received admiral’s mast vice court martial for charges of cruelty and assault against her crew. Others have wondered why a CO relieved for cause ought to be posted to the Pentagon for a final tour rather than retiring quietly.

Evan Hanson, a law student with interests in admiralty law, has apparently received a redacted version of the Inspector General’s report on CAPT Graf’s conduct. It’s interesting reading.

Part 1 here.

Part 2.

Update 04-30-18 – the above 2 URLs were gone – new link: (Ed.) 

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of an IG report being publicly released to a blog, of all places.

Update (Lex’s – Ed.) Time magazine has more on this tale, * and provides some context as well –

Shawn Smith is a retired Navy captain who along with her husband, also a retired Navy captain, applauded their daughter’s decision to join the Navy in 2007 after graduating from Notre Dame on a Navy ROTC scholarship. Erin Smith was “seriously considering” making the Navy a career, like her parents, until she was assigned to the Cowpens. “Her experiences with Captain Graf definitely helped form her decision to do her time and leave the Navy,” her mother says. “I was appalled that this happened, guilty — I think she went into the Navy because of us — and angry, because these kids did not deserve this kind of leadership.”

To further career of one officer, the service permitted her to ruin others.

04-30-18 – Link Updated – Ed. 

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