Tough but Fair

Posted by Lex, on November 30, 2010


That’s the argument * being made by Navy CAPT Holly Graf, late CO **** of the USS Cowpens, to a panel of flag officers charged with determining whether she ought to be able to complete her naval service:

The civilian attorney for a cruiser skipper fired for cruelty and mistreatment of her crew told a board of inquiry in his opening statement Tuesday that his client had been the victim of a sexist and vengeful wardroom of incompetent officers and an inspector general’s investigation with a foregone conclusion.

Charles Gittins told a panel of three rear admirals at the Washington Navy Yard that Capt. Holly Graf inherited the “worst ship on the waterfront” and a wardroom that was “largely incompetent.” He said that under her command, the cruiser Cowpens was transformed into one of the best ships in the Pacific Fleet. He argued that Graf’s leadership style was stern, but that it was poorly received by men.

“She was direct and harsh towards men, and they weren’t used to it,” he said.

I’m no expert on such panels – thank heavens – but I wonder if pursuing this line of argument opens the defendant’s record to what would be called “discovery” in a criminal trial.

Because from everything I’ve heard *****, that could really be interesting. ***


** 04-30-18 – Dead link – changed (see page 5 on new link) – Ed. 

*** 04-30-18 – Link Updated – Ed. 

**** 04-30-18 – Original Lex post gone – 01-14-10 Something Of A First (was linked) – Ed. 

***** 04-30-18 Original linked Lex post gone – 03-06-10 Early Warning (was linked) – Ed. 

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