Posted by Lex, on December 5, 2010


Thanks for your service: *

A panel of three flag officers Friday announced their recommendation that Capt. Holly Graf leave the Navy with a general discharge.

Graf showed little emotion as she listened to the findings of the board of inquiry at the Washington Navy Yard: By a vote of 2-1, the board found she had committed misconduct; by unanimous vote, it found she had committed conduct unbecoming of an officer for the maltreatment and cruelty toward her crew as commanding officer of the Yokosuka, Japan-based cruiser Cowpens.

The panel unanimously voted to recommend she be separated from the Navy with a general discharge and be allowed to retire as a captain for completing honorable service “for a period of no less than six months” at that rank.

But not before smearing her wardroom as incompetent, and her ship as the worst on the waterfront.

Thus, a “general discharge” under honorable conditions, without a sufficiently meritorious record to deserve an honorable discharge.

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