Really, too rich

Posted by lex, on August 19, 2008

I know that some of us part ways with our fellow travelers on the left on the issue of personal responsibility, but this is simply too much: After days of making themselves look small and mean over unprovable allegations that, in his book “Faith of My Fathers,  John McCain plagiarized from Alexander Solzhenitsyn his “cross in the dirt” story,  the  left is forced to admit, that well: It wasn’t actually in any of Solzhenitsyn’s oeuvre. Never happened. The old man never once wrote about it.

Who do they blame for appearing not just small and mean, but also intellectually lazy and unread? The right wing. Bastards made them do it:

It turns out that this episode probably never happened to Solzhenitsyn at all, and according to a Solzhenitsyn biographer it appears nowhere in his published writing. Columbia University professor Michael Scammell, the author of Solzhenitsyn: A Biography, says the episode “never happened,” and didn’t appear in Solzhenitsyn’s book, Gulag Archipelago, either…

It doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that McCain or his biographer, Mark Salter, picked up the tale that this happened to Solzhenitsyn elsewhere and embellished it for their own purposes.

No, and for all we can be sure, John McCain primps for bed with rouge lipstick, high heels, a feather boa and lacy underthingies. Absent any evidence however, theorizing that he may do so, is, well: Stupid.

(They) don’t have any new ideas, that’s why they’re spending all their time talking about me.” — Barack Obama

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