It’s Getting Hard

To live here.


By Lex, on Thu – August 18, 2005


Traffic today, on the northbound 5. Like you’ve never seen before, a parking lot before we even got to LaJolla. Seems that there were earlier delays, and so many of those who finally broke free just couldn’t wait to race into their own accident. Jaysus but it was a mess.

Ducked off the 5 at LaJolla and wended my way east to the 805, only to find that I was one of maybe 100,000 with the same idea. Worked my way further east on Miramar Road towards the 15, only to be rebuffed by the massive, impassive, snarling crawl. Reversed myself, and sought refuge at a likely place: Harry’s Bar and American Grill *. There were many other choices. This one had parking.

A refuge, it was, and a grateful one. Turns out that there are these things called “happy hours,” in the afternoons these days. I remember them from my youth, but had somehow come to believe that they had gone the way of all flesh, round about the same time as the first kiddle was born.

I was deceived.

Met a few other refugees from the traffic wars. Shell shocked remnants of those who struggled on, at 3 mph. We passed a pleasant time or two, a small pool of detritus washed up upon a common beach for the span of time it took for the highways to again become navigable. I was close to an adventure, but fought it off and felt quite proud of myself. It comes with age.

Harry’s, it turns out, is distantly related to Harry’s, in Paris *. Which is a whole ‘nother story from my long past, oft lamented youth. Which I’ll probably never share, that being a long time ago, and having changed a great deal in the interim. Except to say that I can’t regret it, and that’s all you’re getting out of me. I swear.

Oh, I got a lovely coin today from the Soldier’s Angels set * , thanking me for my donation. You’ll probably get yours in a day or so, having done the right thing * . Quite nice, really. Place of honor.

Done. Substance? Maybe tomorrow. Awfully busy at the salt mines, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned the traffic. I have?

Well, then. You understand.

* 07-11-2016  Links Gone; no replacements found – Ed.


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