Su-30MK Video

By Lex, Posted on February 11, 2007


I always loved getting in the proverbial “knife fight in a phoneboot” that BFM represents. But I have to admit that watching this video of the Su-30MK being put through its paces made me thougtful. I could do a lot of things with the Hornet. I could sometimes make her sing. But there are a lot of things this guy is doing that I couldn’t have done.

Retired USAF MGEN Hank Stelling agrees according to the email in which I received this clip, saying:

This is for those of you who will understand how remarkable this really is. Any way you slice it, this is pretty impressive. Great camera work. This remarkable aircraft and its pilot demonstrate what I thought impossible for a high speed jet fighter. In the SU-30MK, Russian aviation has surpassed that of the US and its NATO allies. This truly impressive fighter can stall from high speed flight to stop in less than a second.

It can fall back on its tail, without compressor stall, and go into a flat spin and recover in less than a minute. There is no aircraft in any country’s inventory that could stand up to it in a dog fight.

So. Probably a good idea not to climb into the phonebooth with the Su-30MK. Maybe send along an AIM-120 or an AIM-9X instead.

Sort of like a “proxy fight.”

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