About Lex

This was not one of Lex’s posts, but on his original web site. For those of you who are just discovering him, here is a brief bio of him in his own words. I have added his title bar logos below. 


About Me

It’s all in the title bar logos, but somebody asked:

Raised in old Virginia. Taught to be a gentleman before it was required of me.

A naval officer, and naval aviator – still serving, but no longer current in an airplane, alas. A trade school  graduate, I got my wings in Meridian, MS a long time ago, and spent another 18 purgatorial months there instructing before joining the west coast fleet, flying God’s jet – the FA-18 Hornet. Cruised aboard the USS CONSTELLATION (twice) and INDEPENDENCE (once).

Did a tour after that in Key West, Florida, flying the F-16N, F-5E and A-4E aircraft. Best. Job. Ever. Also where I had the Worst Day Ever. But that’s another story.

Department head tour in Japan. Hornets again. Deployed a number of times aboard INDEPENDENCE again, that rough beast.

TOPGUN instructor after that. Was never more proud to be a part of something.

Commanded a west coast FA-18 squadron. Deployed aboard USS CARL VINSON – my first nuke.

Served as Operations Officer aboard the fleet’s finest aircraft carrier, an oil-burner. Put her to bed after 41 years of faithful service.

Now serving as a staff pogue in sunny San Diego. Believe certain things to be true. Don’t declare them to be, however.

Married to the best girl I ever met, who also delivered up three wonderful children. Don’t really know how I could be happier, or more blessed.


– Flight hours: ~4400
– Arrested landings: 570, or so.
– Deployments: 7
– Original thoughts: Tends towards zero
– Ability to recognize a good idea: Tends towards infinite.

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9 responses to “About Lex

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  2. Old AF Sarge

    “Believe certain things to be true. Don’t declare them to be, however.”

    Wisdom we can all learn from. The loss of that Lightness of Lex is the unbearable thing.

    Thanks for putting this up Bill.

    • Bill Brandt

      It is my honor to do so Old AF Sarge. I still have to make the index look a bit more presentable – maybe 2 dates/titles per column. A little work every night…

  3. Don Seapy

    Thank you Tim! What an incredible man he was! I’m sure he inspired and set the bar very high for all that knew and flew on his wing!
    Blessings , Don

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  5. Troll

    Just found your reposted site. I was aware of Lex’ blog from way back. I had the honor of being mentored by Lex in his VF-45 days and served with him on the TOPGUN staff. Thank you so much for preserving this treasure of writing.

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