Exactly 7 years ago…

March 6…

We lost a good friend. I wasn’t a Neptunus Lex reader that morning; I hadn’t even heard of him. I will have learned about him tomorrow, when reading the notice from Chicago Boyz.

MarineMom probably described the reaction of his readers best, when she reported the news to her Marine aviator son.

He said that “I feel like somebody just punched me in the gut“.

OldAFSarge has a good post describing that day here.

The very first post I read, recommended by David, really told me all about the kind of man Lex was.

Immensely talented in his chosen line of work.

A man of faith.


Kind to others.

A wicked sense of humor, even at his own expense.

I started devouring his posts on his now-gone website.

When that went down, I started reading the files advokaat fortunately created (for his later reading, he has said).

I thought that for such a good man who described many of his readers as “the best friends I never met”, giving his  readers so much of himself, to be silenced simply because of a password would not do.

He turned out to be the best friend I never met..




Update: 03/07/19 – If you have just come across this via search engine, and want to know more about Carroll LeFon, here’s a good place to start. For one, you will learn a lot about Naval Aviation. But he wrote about so many other things – life and current events.

My Epilogue is here.


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5 responses to “Exactly 7 years ago…

  1. Old AF Sarge

    Well said Bill.

  2. Thanks for remembering, Bill.

  3. Thanks again, Bill. I really still suspect there might be some way to recover the blog: the hosting company may well still have a backup, and would probably be happy to recover it if they could be convinced that it didn’t put them in any possible legal jeopardy to do so. If someone would like to probe this and possibly engage legal help, I for one would be happy to contribute some $ to the cause.

    • Bill Brandt

      I remember tracing it to his ISP in Los Angeles and explaining the situation. They would do absolutely nothing without a legal document giving the family ownership (Really the recipient —- any recipient) of the blog.

      And of course Lex didn’t expect his accident and made no provisions for this.

      The domain name expired a few years ago and I think at this point his blog is long gone.

      The good news and bad news is you can still see it on the way back machine. The bad news is sometimes they didn’t send spiders out for literally months. Other times they visited four and five times in a day.

      Go figure.

      I searched high and low for lex’s version of Ulysses and came up empty. But I remembered seeing it on his blog.

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