Tactical Question

By lex, on September 10th, 2011

Our security apparatus is cycling up big time in anticipation of a terrorist strike on the anniversary of 9/11. Heavy weapons squads are to be deployed by the New York City police department in Manhattan. Citizens are advised to dial 311 if they see something suspicious, and 911 if they witness something dangerous.

The intelligence is “credible and specific,” according to news reports. At least one of the plotters is said to be an American citizen. They even have a name.

But we do not. We are warned to be vigilant and exercise caution. But we are not told what to be vigilant against, even when the threat has a name.

A “common name” we are told.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the threat’s first name might be some variant of “Mohammed.”

The reluctance to release the alleged plotter’s name probably has something to do with a fear of whipping up the same anti-Islamic sentiment that sent 10,000 innocent Muslims to those concentration camps near Bakersfield in the aftermath of 9/11. Oh right: That didn’t happen.

Honestly, what do they take us for?

And: Where is the trust we allegedly place in the patriotic Muslim citizenry of this country, our “best source of intelligence” against domestic Islamist terrorism? The insurgent swims in the sea of the people, somebody knows this man. Somebody knows his name. Someone could stop him.

If the threat is real, and people die, the government will be pilloried for falling short of its responsibility to protect us by withholding crucial information that could have prevented the attack. If it’s fabricated, there’s a non-trivial potential that thousands of “commonly named” Muslims will get their feelings hurt by being cast in an unfair light of suspicion.

In the choice between shattered lives and hurt feelings, our government chooses for us.


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