Noblesse Oblige

By lex, on December 3rd, 2011

A British peer hectors the American and Canadian democracies about their responsibilities to “the poor”:

Lord Prescott told Radio 4′s Today programme the clock should be stopped on the Kyoto provisions and a “reassessment” made in 2015 – or a new deal would “wither on the vine”.

“That is what Canada and America want, and one or two other countries,” he said.

“It is a conspiracy against the poor. It is appalling. I am ashamed of such countries not recognising their responsibilities.”

Lord Prescott – the Council of Europe’s rapporteur on climate change – said politicians should not use the global financial crisis as an excuse for putting off action on climate change.

It is vulgar, the sight of these upstart bourgeois attempting to keep hold of their sad, materialistic accoutrements. What they ought to do is get back down where they belong, rather than take on airs above their stations.

To be certain, the scientists involved have acted shabbily, and the climate may change – as it has before – with our without human intervention, but the really important thing is to normalize the quality of life between the little people in North America, and the wogs in Bangladesh.

Reminding them of that is the sad duty of the ruling classes, but one does what one must.

Noblesse oblige, and so on.

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