2834 miles

By Lex, on May 19, 2008

Give or take.

It’s Monday, I haven’t done a productive thing all day and real work doesn’t start again until 16 June. So I was thinking, maybe drive the bike up to Missoula, see my nephew and his family. After all, they’re kin. And I have never yet seen Montana. Google Maps tells me that it’s 1262 miles from my house to Missoula. I believe I could make Provo on the first day. Maybe camp at the park.

Reckon I’d need to bring my own beer.

Then up to Missoula the next day. Spend a day or two. Float a dry fly perhaps on the Bitterroot.

Wouldn’t make any sense coming home the same way. Have to decide between heading west via Klamath Falls, or south through Boise. There’s so much to see. The PCH through the Bay Area and down all the way to LA maybe before getting back on the highway. That’s another 1572 miles or so.

Klamath Falls is about 600 miles from Missoula. Ten hours in the saddle, not counting breaks for food. About as much as a man could take, I imagine, but at least I’d be fresh. That’d leave around 900 miles to split up over the last couple of days.

Truth to tell, the Hobbit’s enthusiasm for this plan is difficult to discern. The last time I went on a really long ride she ended up having to visit me in the ortho ward at Oakland Naval Hospital. And it isn’t like I don’t have stuff I ought to be doing here at home. Need to clean up some loose ends.

Still. It’d be quite an adventure.

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