Weekend Round-Up

By lex, on July 31st, 2011

No flights this weekend, so your host was free to indulge hisself, like. Played an early morning round o’ golf at MCAS Miramary, and shot an asymmetric 48/38.

Because you care to know.

This has become something of a habit with me of late, fierce struggles on the front nine followed by relatively smooth sailing on the back. It’s a mystery.

One of the gentlemen I was playing with was a Marine colonel, and – it soon became clear – was a serious to the point of maybe needing therapy collector of World War II militaria. Which he was waxing on the topic of German army helmets from that contest, and how hard they were to come by, these days. To which I replied, “not at all, for haven’t I got one in the closet, lo these many years?” Which was brought back home by my sainted pa from Murmansk many years ago, the things laying around in clumps as it were. He asked me to describe the helmet in minute detail, decals and all, before informing me that it was an M1935 Double Decal Heer helmet. Which he was willing to take off my hands for a thousand duckets, today, right now. And I might even take him up on it, the collecting of Nazi-era uniforms and equipment not being entirely my thing.

Then! Purchased a 2000 BMW M5 sedan with a little less than 60K miles on it. Which is 80K less than the 2001 330i I’ve been driving for the last 8 years. On account of I expect – for reasons I hope to soon be able to unfold – to be spending a good deal more time on the road in the relatively near future. I’m inclined to think that I may in time regret the purchase of what was in its time the fastest 4-door sedan on the market.

But that time is not now.

All the way down to Coronado for dinner and adult beverages with an old comrade from TOPGUN who has been selected to flag rank and will soon be headed east to grind himself into fine powder in the hallowed halls of OPNAV, God bless him and keep him whole in these harsh times.

0330 Sunday was time for Eldest Daughter Drama. You could have maybe TiVo’d it to watch after sunrise, but I caught it live. It consisted of yet another car crash, each worse than the last. No one hurt, this time. Who isn’t my wallet.

I keep looking for the easy part. And not finding it.

Finally: Another round o’ golf, this time with the neighbors at their country club. 45/38, so I guess you could call that an improving trend.

Oh, yes: The political class appears to have come in at the wire * on a debt reduction deal that raises the statutory debt limit.

Which makes about as much sense as anything you’ve read thus far.

* 11-01-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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