Mission simulation

Posted by lex, on July 11, 2008


Back towards the end of my active flying career – by which I mean, “back when I was still worth shooting at” – the Navy was delivering mission simulation systems to their aircraft carriers. These really weren’t much more than PCs with control sticks attached and HUD superimposed on the display to show heading, pitch and bank angle. They had enormous imagery databases for “areas of interest” and were intended – in those days before GPS had been integrated into practically everything – to help attack pilots find and destroy targets, as the failure to visually acquire targets had, over the years, been an all-too-common source of mission failure.

That was nearly ten years ago, the imagery was in black and white and most of the pilots considered it little more than a novelty. The super-dedicated strike lead might print the screens at roll-in and release to show during his brief how the target would look on final attack. I don’t like to think what that system might have cost, for all the utility we got out of it.

It didn’t look quite as neat as this little website, probably built for next to nothing and serving no real purpose whatsoever. Time moves on.


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