A Good Craic

By lex, on July 9th, 2011

We were relatively few, but mighty last night * at Shakespeare’s in Mission Hills. Your humble was almost at his hour, while the good Quartermaster, whose chronometer was so in accord with the great sidereal movement with which time is generally reckoned that he awaited within.

Not long thereafter we were met by FbL and her beau, a jolly young man who ordered a Guinness (for strength!) and promptly won my heart. Dirt Sailor arrived with his lovely bride. A feller named John who I gathered had flown Phantoms in the great back when was there as well, and we were finally joined by Padre Harvey who sized up his flock, sighed and ordered a beer. For if you can’t beat them, well…

Virgil Xenophon had intended to come, but as QM shared in a different place, his mother has taken very ill, and they have our hopes and prayers.

Not for the first time I was struck by the strange imbalance of knowledge, when you’re meeting with people who know a great deal more about you than you do of them. They were all sufficiently tactful to pretend otherwise, of course. A good conversation over a couple of adult beverages, I got to talk with my hands for a few moments, and even re-tell a sea story or two, but now complete with gestures and facial expressions.

John bought the first round, gentle reader, while you bought the rest. At least if your name is Daryle, Bill or Kent, whose generosity in sponsoring the evening last night is greatly appreciated and there’s even a little left over for tailwheel flying. So, win-win.

While we’re on that topic, it’s time to tip our hats to Ron, John and Loralee, who have recently been generous with their hard earned, Brian, James, Don and Nick who have encouraged our efforts via subscription, Rhonda who made her first ever donation, and James who has been very often kind. And all of that in the last month.

So thanks again to those who came and those who were there in spirit. It was a jolly good craic.

*10-30-2018 Link added by Editor 


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