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By lex, on February 3rd, 2008

Having flown four times yesterday, providing immeasurable entertainment to many and sundry – including one gent who could not be compelled to leave go of the flight controls no matter what the hazard until I turned about and looked him in the eye, like – your correspondent returned to these his humble digs all full of great intentions. He would pat the younglings on the noggin, offering them both loving and sage advice with a twinkling eye, the like that would be of strong advantage to them even as they grew. He would sweep the Hobbit off her feet with lines of poetry, red wine and p’raps a back rub. He would answer the many several thoughtful emails that lay a-mouldering in the queue for want of time, or in fact thoughtfulness with which to service them. He might even find a postprandial opportunity to write teh Great American Blog Post.


For although the hour was indeed advanced, the day was not yet old.

But no: Her ladyship was not immediately in attendance, even as the rascals themselves were either otherwise situated or hastening to be so, retinue in tow. Before I could say, “Bob’s yer uncle,” the manse was mine alone.

But the combination of physical and mental exhaustion attending to our earlier endeavors – not to mention a general sense of vodka martini-driven lassitude and concomitant awareness of subsiding aptitude – resulted in our efforts being squandered instead tinkering around in the back end of the WordPress version I use to offer up ice cubes of blogging brilliance in a sea of electronic mediocrity. This effort was undertaken while simultaneously renewing the outward facing “theme” that allows you, gentle reader, to both view and criticize these our humble efforts.

A twofer of “change”, if you will. Anyone can play at that game.

But – as is all too often the case – change has its price, elements of which I am only gradually becoming sensitive to. The “Archives” page for example, proved not at all the thing under the new WordPress schema, so that has been temporarily, if ruthlessly suppressed for the Greater Good, comrades.

The favor of your patient indulgence is requested, as well as any pithy observations you may have for improvements. Ch-ch-changes.

Turn and face the strain.

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