Happy Belated Blog B-Day

Posted by lex, on October 10, 2005

To me!

Dern, I’ve always been bad at anniversaries.

7 OCT 2003, I joined the burgeoning ranks of the pajama clad unwashed:

“Didn’t much about stylsheets*,
didn’t know much about haloscan,
didn’t know much about the RSS,
thought I’d give you all a chance to test

Whether I’d love you and you’d love me,
been two years and now I still can’t see
what a wonderful blog this could be…”

(*I’d apologize to Sam Cooke, but you know, he’s beastly dead**)

(**Free trackbacks to anyone who gets the reference***)

(***No fair using google!)

Update: Maybe I was insufficiently precise *…


** 07-30-20 Link gone – Ed

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