Billy Badass bloopers

By lex, on May 4th, 2006

So you probably saw amiable Islamist rogue and part-time internet snuff-porn star Abu musab al-Zarqawi hammering away with a US made M-249 SAW on Fox TV last week. When he wasn’t waxing philosophical, finger in the air ** – what is it with these guys? – with a US made M4 carbine up against the bulkhead at one point. The whole thing struck me a little odd, AK’s being the usual weapon of insurgent preference, but who knows? Maybe it’s about some primitive need to steal the enemy’s mojo, or counting coup, or maybe it’s a way of trying to look a bit more like the real tough guy on the block only – check this: DRESSED ALL IN BLACK!

Which, how cool is that?

Except that it appears that dork-boy, no matter how sociopathic he might be, needs a bit of professional weapons training. Check out the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor – he needs help to clear a jammed round, fires the -249 into nowhere’sville before passing it off to a bud who passes it off to another who picks the thing up by the barrel. Mere moments after he’d sent all those rounds into the nothing.

Burnt hands? CUT!

Oh, yeah: He’s evil and he’s awful and I hope we catch him soon. It’s just amusing to see Billy Badass goofing in his New Balance kicks.

This is what we’re up against?


* 07-14-2018  Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

** 07-14-2018  Original link gone; replacement found – Ed

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