Asymmetric Warfare?

By lex, on April 20th, 2011

Or sheer chutzpah:

One of the suspects in the pirate attack that led to the killings of four Americans says he was kicked and stomped by Navy crew members after his capture.

Mahdi Jama Mohamed said in a new court filing that his injuries were so severe that he needed stitches to close a wound on his chin. He also says he was blindfolded and kept in handcuffs for several days, and he thought he would be killed if he didn’t talk.

Mohamed’s lawyer argues that any statements his client made to Navy officials or the FBI should be thrown out of court…

Mohamed, who does not speak English, was captured along with the other co-defendants on Feb. 22 by the crew of the U.S. destroyer Sterett.

“Mohamed was pushed onto the ground, his back was stomped and the back of his head was kicked, resulting in bruises and a cut on his chin which required stitches,” Holmes told the judge in the filing. “The questioning of the defendant clearly was in violation of the Fifth Amendment and the supporting decisions of the Supreme Court. The statement must be deemed to be involuntary and deemed inadmissible because it was based upon coercion and undue influence.”

We should just take him back to the scene of the crime and release him.

It’d be the only fair and just thing to do.

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