Neptunus Lex: Stories on Naval Aviation and Safety

To the Reader: As I was reposting Lex’s posts, I thought it would be nice to organize a few of my favorites by category for the new reader. You’ll probably find even more just going through the Best of index! 

Bill Brandt

11-24-2003     Watching An Ejection

12-13-2003      Killing An Eagle

01-05-2004    Inadvertent Ejections

01-09-2004    The Worst Day Ever

01-26-2004    Overstress

02-10-2004    The Helo Dunker

02-16-2004    Hypoxia

05-19-2004    Soft Cat Shot

05-25-2004     Night CQ, Part 1

06-02-2004    Indian Country

06-05-2004    T.I.A.D Near mid-air

07-05-2004    Single Seat Fighter Aviation

07-08-2004    Trusting The LSO

07-12-2004     The Fly In

07-20-2004    In-Flight Refueling

07-21-2004     A little not enough gas

07-27-2004    Air Strike

08-24-2004    First Flights

08-29-2004   Viper FCF

08-31-2004    A Little Negative ‘G’

10-18-2004     First CQ

01-17-2005     Night In The Barrel Part 1  

01-18-2005     Night In The Barrel Part 2

02-17-2005     Flat Hatting

03-25-2005     Guest Blogging – Thunder Tanking

04-05-2005    BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) 

04-11-2005     IP To Target

04-12-2005     First Solo

10-11-2005      Flight School Advice

10-20-2005     Flat Hatting

01-23-2006     Adversary Course – Miramar

05-02-2006    Wide Runway

06-01-2005     Wacko

06-07-2006    Homework, Part II (Design History Of The FA-18) 

09-12-2006    Learning To Fight

01-10-2007     Cato

02-28-2007    Dealing with adversity

07-01-2007     Day CQ, FDNF-Style

07-23-2007    That was when I knew that it just might work

08-19-2007    Night Bombing

09-26-2007    Fear Of Flying

09-27-2007    Fear of flying, II

11-05-2007     Spin Hop

11-08-2007     Spool Up Time

11-20-2007     The power of saying “no”

12-03-2007     Land Left

09-23-2008    First Flight

10-21-2008    Foggy Weather

11-02-2008     Logbook

11-25-2008     Sometimes You Get a Second

02-13-2009      Known Ice

03-04-2009         An Avoidable Mishap

03-23-2009         Hmmm

07-30-2009      Low Levels

02-07-2010     Wrapping It Up

02-14-2010     Precautionary Landing

05-17-2010     Even When You Know

09-22-2010      Tailhooker’s Prayer

12-18-2010      Formation Go 

01-15-2011      Echo Range

04-23-2011      Face to Face With the 8-day Clock

06-25-2011     GA vs. NA

09-18-2011      The Sense of Mastery


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