Talk about tying the record

By lex

On February 28, 2006


I’ve been low before. Even lower over water, where it’s hard to hit things like mountains, hilltops and trees, etc, which have a tendency to jut up suddenly out of the dirt. On the other hand, it’s also safe to say that flying low over a flat and feartureless sea comes with its own set of hazards.

Which is why this picture evokes a reaction that shares a bit of humbled awe with a healthy slice of ”those guys are fricken’ crazy.”



Fortunately, according to the accompanying email:
Photography by Frans Dely/Aviationdimension.comEarly morning anglers are treated to the spectacle of four T6 Harvard Aircraft from The Flying Lions Aerobatic Team waterskiing across the Klipdrift Dam near Johannesburg South Africa.

Aircraft from The Flying Lions Aerobatic Team waterskiing across theKlipdrift Dam near Johannesburg South Africa.Lead by Scully Levin, with wingman Arnie Meneghelli, Stewart Lithgow and Ellis Levin, this renown airshow display team rehearse a sequence for the newly launched “Aviation Action” television program on Supersport.

Meneghelli from Academy Brushware, owner of the aircraft had this to say, “What we did today I believe is a world first. It illustrates that South African airshow pilots are amongst the best in the world”.

This unusual act, approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority CAA), and supported by Castrol Aviation, was meticulously planned and took place under the watchfull eye of divers and paramedics that were on site.

Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of briefing an aerobatic stunt (in formation!) that requires on-scene divers just sort of sounds, you know: Nuts.

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