Neptunus Lex: Essays On Life

To the Reader: As I was reposting Lex’s posts, I thought it would be nice to organize a few of my favorites by category for the new reader. You’ll probably find even more just going through the Best of index! 

Bill Brandt

10-22-2003     Beliefs

12-11-2003      On Faith

02-13-2004     The Courage Of One’s Uncertainties

02-19-2004    Coaching Soccer

10-11-2004      On Raising Children

02-27-2006          The Goodwill Store, Pacific Beach

12-31-2006     New Year’s Eve

04-18-2007    Conversations around supper: Free will vs fatalism

01-20-2008    Karma

09-03-2008    The Last Little Bit

10-25-2010    An Honest Question

03-15-2011    Walking Gus


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