Naifs with knives

Posted by Lex, on August 22, 2006

There’s a fascinating story up at the Christian Science Monitor written by CSM correspondent – and recent AIF hostage – Jill Carroll. Turns out she had a final interview with “Abu Nour,” a self-declared leader of the Sunni-based insurgency prior to her release from captivity. The tenor of the whole thing is almost charmingly naive, childlike. So long as, when you picture “children,” you leave room on the margins for that whole “Lord of the Flies / Children of the Corn” type thing.

In it you discover why, from his perspective, the insurgents “won” the first battle of Fallujah (God was on their side) and lost the second (bad Muslims joined the insurgency, apparently – neighborhood went straight downhill), why it’s halal to kill Shiites (they’re not actually, you know: Muslims, it seems), how it’s really important – notwithstanding all that neighbor killing – that God remains on their side, because after all, “If we lose the help of Allah we cannot [achieve] anything [against] American soldiers, because this is a very strong army.”

And he’s someone as should know.

But he also seems pretty sure that his side is going to win:

The American soldier comes from America. He left his country, his family, his children, his wife. He cannot see them, maybe six months or more. This is very big problem because they are men…. The mujahideen, [we] can [leave] our homes for 20 minutes, hit the American soldier, and come back home. So we [have fought] continuously now three years, and we can continue 10 years or more. But Americans cannot continue one year. It is impossible.

Impossible, is it? Wonder where he got that idea.

In any case, that all sounds pretty hopeful there, Abu. And hope, as we say, is not a strategy. Especially if you’re tired:

Iraq is very tired [after the] war in Iran and after that war in Kuwait and the war now. We want to build the country very good and give every person a big house and a top car and make [it possible for] him to travel to the US and Europe and live like the other people in the world – like [the United Arab] Emirates people or Qatar people.

Abu Nour – Man of the people! Well, 20% of the people anyway. Or whatever proportion of them can afford to wait one year – no longer! – for that big house and “top car.”

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