Let Me Just Say This About That

By lex, on February 21st, 2009

Three hops today in the mighty Varga Kachina. Twelve hundred pounds of bent steel and sex appeal. A pair of visitors from the Great White Up, come for to experience the Sandy Eggo sunshine. In consequence of which they were sporting bright pink complexions. A co-worker who brought her beloved husband around the barn after much cajoling. Who had his face planted in the bag for the better part of 20 minutes over a 30 minute flight, and don’t for a minute believe I’ve heard the end of that. And an eager young firefighter from Torrance who spent his weekends racing sports cars and dirt bikes, who thought that maybe a bit of the old basic fighter maneuvering might be just the ticket for a change of pace.

Of the three, it was the Canadian couple who left a tip. Make of that what you will.

Anyways, I will only point out that I’ve never landed the Varga more softly, nor more attentively, than I did today. You could scarcely distinguish the airborne bit from the high speed taxi part. It was that smooth.

Maybe there’s something in this taildragging gas after all. So long as the spinner keeps turning.

That’s not so much to ask.

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