PSA “The Assailant”

Readers: I thought I would post this – and block some of Lauren’s phone number/email – it was 7 years ago and she might not appreciate the calls today – just to show you the length and breath Neptunus Lex had on society 😉 – Ed 


By lex, on March 16th, 2011

An LA-based casting director (and Brown University grad) is looking for you, ya’ big, lethal lunk:

My name is Lauren Kalb and I’m an LA-based casting director, currently casting a new Action/Adventure competition show called “The Assailant” for The Discovery Channel.  I am hoping you will be able to help spread the word to your network of contacts.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Highly specialized former military, special forces and/or law enforcement agents who are mentally and physically fit. In each episode, four contestants will have to re-enact actual missions that were executed by elite branches of the military – IDF, Spetsnaz, MI-6, Delta Force, Recon Marines, Green Berets, Navy SEALs, etc.

You can find our press release here:

Please feel free to pass on to anyone and everyone (age 18+) as we are looking to cast a number of episodes. Also, feel free to take a look at our website so you can become familiar with our slate. We’ve proudly cast THE COLONY, BULLRUN, PITCHMEN, DUEL, AMERICA’S TOUGHEST JOBS and the upcoming INFRASTRUCTURE VIGILANTE.

Anyone who is interested can email me at or call me at +1 (xxx) 552-2780.

Thanks so much!

You’d be amazed the kind of thing I get in over the transom.

And Lauren? Holla if you find any roles for aging former fighter pilots, mm-kay?


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