Who’s afraid of what, exactly?

Posted by lex, on August 7, 2006

Over at the Huff-Po, conservablogger Greg Gutfield categorizes the sum of all liberal fears. From his point of view, anyway. A sampling then, before I send you thither:

Fear of Walmart

Fear of people who shop at Walmart

Fear that you might actually save money if you shopped at Walmart

Fear that Walmart has done more to help the poor than any social program ever created by our government.

Fear of all forms of energy except for the ones that don’t work

Fear that people will realize the easiest way to cut back on greenhouse gases is to convert to nuclear energy

Fear that your activism will be exposed as a front for your narcissism

Fear that low taxes actually do create prosperous societies

Fear that people will find out what a hypocrite you are because you call for higher taxes while using tax shelters

I found it kind of funny. Not, you know: Laugh out loud uproarious. But cute.

Not all of his commentors agree:


Sorry Greg,

 The only thing we truely (sic) fear are puppets such as yourself who are continually led to the voting booths, like cows to slaughter, by non-issues such as gay rights and abortion, and continually vote in incompetant (sic) thieves that erode moral values and society more than gay rights and abortion do!

By: gpc on August 07, 2006 at 01:10pm

So there!

Although I have to admit that leading cows to slaughter at voting booths is rather a jarring image. Keep that up, no one’s going to want to come out and vote.

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