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Posted by lex, on January 5, 2008

George MacDonald Frasier made a career for himself writing the “Flashman” chronicles – a hilarious, if proudly un-PC series of historical fictions set around a thoroughgoing scoundrel who contrives to find himself in the thick of any number of more or less significant frays and who, despite the fact that he lacks nearly every single virtue in the Victorian gentleman’s portmanteau, nevertheless comes out every mess he made smelling far better than he deserved.

Honorable gentlemen might sigh on their deathbeds in regret of all those things they hadn’t done. It is sufficient to say that Frasier’s Flashman would suffer from no such pangs. And the interested reader could learn many things along the way – when he wasn’t coloring in a rogue, Frasier had an obvious love for history, especially the history of the British Empire.

The author died last week, but before he went he penned his own farewell to England. He was, to the last, unrepentantly incorrect.

Political correctness is about denial, usually in the weasel circumlocutory jargon which distorts and evades and seldom stands up to honest analysis.It comes in many guises, some of them so effective that the PC can be difficult to detect. The silly euphemisms, apparently harmless, but forever dripping to wear away common sense – the naivete of the phrase “a caring force for the future” on Remembrance poppy trays, which suggests that the army is some kind of peace corps, when in fact its true function is killing.

It goes on, and gets better. As Frasier himself, alas, will not. He will be missed.(H/T to occasional reader Cpt JMH, CF)

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