Agreeing with Glenn Greenwald

Posted by lex, on January 13, 2008

Quick, take a picture – I find myself in general agreement with a hyper-partisan ninnycrat much more given to standing on a stool with his petticoats pulled up shrilly screaming, “Neocons!”

This doesn’t happen very often:

Empowering the State to proscribe and punish speech is not only the most dangerous step a society can take — though it is that — it’s also the most senseless. It never achieves its intended effect of suppressing or eliminating a particular view. If anything, it has the opposite effect, by driving it underground, thus preventing debate and exposure.

It’s too much to expect Greenwald to defend the existence of people like Mark Steyn, and Ezra Levant, who published the Mohammed cartoons in Canada’s Western Standard. But at least he defends the right of people he loathes to express themselves.

That’s a start.

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