Made a mistake

Posted by lex, on February 16, 2006


Had a comment waiting in moderation from “Bud” in response to my trackback to Greyhawk’s post of a couple of days ago – Iraqi mayor of Tall ‘Afar thanking the 3rd ACR for their efforts to drive the murderers out of town.

It was a deeply stupid comment, lacking any sense of scale or proportion, making no rebuttable argument and highlighting only the writer’s petulant, pugnacious pessimism and obdurate, obtuse oafishness. It was a grown up version of the third grader’s, “Oh, yeah?”

So I thought about it for a moment, and then, almost sadly, deleted it.

But then I felt bad, didn’t I? Who was I to stifle Bud’s dissent? And anyways, shouldn’t such a crystaline example of wooly-headed idiocy also have its moment in the sunlight? If for nothing else, than for the entertainment value that’s in it for the rest of us?

It should.

So, knowing the type, I went back to Greyhawk’s trackback list and followed it down to Matt’s spot, where, true to form, “Bud” had cut and pasted the exact same piece of asininity. Like the village idiot admiring the booger he’d pulled from his nose. Like maybe he was proud of it.

There. See that? I did that.

Shall I share it with you, gentle reader? Shall we all not benefit from the benevolent bliss of Bud’s brainlessness?

We shall:

iraqi mayor thanks cheney -chertoff troops
for the 70% unemployment, destroyed petroleum industry,
lack of electricity, water, and food,
violence everywhere

Imagine what it would take to read a post like the one Greyhawk put up and have this be your only response. Imagine writing this and being so damn proud of it that you went and spread it around all over the net.


Can you do it? Well then – that’s what separates you from Bud.


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