Whisper: Happy Birthday America

By Whisper, on July 4th, 2011

The Fourth of July is obviously a day of stirring patriotism.  I was raised to associate the 4th with going out in the boat and having a beach picnic then watching some fireworks.  In the later years a cold adult beverage of course became a staple.

So this year I found myself out on a boat – surrounded by sand – and flying a jet loaded with fireworks!  Just missing the friends, family, and would kill for an adult beverage…

Today it was two hops in the Arabian Gulf, a day Case III recovery, and in a tanker for the last event – and I got to share it with some of the greatest Americans you will ever meet!

The LSOs were in rare form.

We were Case III all day due to visibility less than three miles.  And somehow I managed to fly a fair pass on the day straight-in.  And I knew it – even before I was debriefed by Paddles.  They found me in maintenance control – doing the dreaded paperwork to certify my time in the machine.  I was read the pass – and then to my dismay – offered an upgrade to an OK if I could correctly answer a question about America.  “Why, yes paddles, there ARE twenty-seven amendments to our Constitution!”

But even better was my night trap:

“Whisper: Had you in aircraft 210.  Little high start to in the middle, little high come-down at the ramp – for the OK Two-wire.  A real American pass.”

“Thanks, paddles.  That’s what I saw.”

Whisper Hapopy Birthday America

Happy to be here, proud to serve.  It’s not just a bumper sticker today.


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