The Old Navy

By lex, on April 4th, 2008

I was breezing through Bill Gertz’s latest “Inside the Ring“, including notes on a possible Bush/Putin fade-away jumper, the latest on the Hesham Islam/Stephen Coughlin kerfuffle, the notes of US Naval Officer in Baghdad and finally this little blast from the past:

The Navy is putting the Persian Gulf War sex scandal involving pregnant sailors to rest — at the bottom of the ocean.

The Navy’s budget for 2009 calls for sinking the Yellowstone class destroyer tender Acadia.

The Acadia was dubbed the “Love Boat” of Operation Desert Storm after 36 crew members, or one-tenth of its female crew, returned to port pregnant after a seven-month deployment for the Gulf War in April 1991.

Which reminds me of a conversation your humble scribe had with a Crusty Old Retiree about the time this bubbled up:

YHS: Didja hear the story about the tender that came back with ten percent of their females in a family way?

COR: Yar, and that’s one of the things that’s different about today’s Navy and the Old Navy.

YHS: What, female sailors aboard ships?

COR: Nar, not so much that. Only in the Old Navy, they’d have all been pregnant.


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