By lex, on June 6th, 2008

There’s no other word for a guy who fibbed his way into the Marine Corps at age 14 and earned the Medal of Honor for jumping on not one, but two grenades when they rolled into his trench. Who then went on, carrying 250 pieces of shrapnel in his body after 26 operations to join the Army Airborne during the 1960′s – in order to overcome a fear of heights. And, having had both his main and aux parachutes fail on a training jump, survived the landing anyway.

Who, hospitalized with leukemia and on dialysis decided on his own terms to let the clock finally run out. There are all kinds of heroes. *

Jack Lucas was one of them. Ave atque vale, frater.

* 08-22-2018 Link Gone; no replacement found (was In harm’s Way – 06-04-2008 – Ed.


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