Everything falls apart

Posted by lex, on Dexember 1, 2006

The center cannot hold:

Two West Point graduates who have been flying Navy jets in Iraq and Afghanistan recently get an easier assignment Saturday – they will swoop overhead in a high-speed flyover at the start of the annual Army-Navy football game.

“I cherish the opportunity to be a Navy officer. But I went to college at West Point and I will root for the Army team,” Lt. Cmdr. Paul Campagna said in a telephone interview. “The ring I wear, it’s from West Point.”

Campagna’s wingman will be longtime flying buddy, Lt. Cmdr. Bobby Baker, 35, whom he befriended at Fort Rucker, Ala., 14 years ago when they both were training to become Army scout helicopter pilots.

Oh, Pooh. How could you? After all we’ve done for you.

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