Physical Courage

By Lex, on Sun – August 28, 2005


Saw an interesting sight today, coming up the 805 from Miramar.

There was all the usual dogfighting and jockeying for position, as apparently invincible drivers of seemingly indestructible Japanese cars weaved and gunned for advantage. Suddenly, just ahead I saw brake lights come on, all across the five lanes of traffic, and just beyond that a CHP motorcycle patrolman weaving rapidly across all of the lanes with his flashers on, like a crazy man.

The drivers in their cars fell back from speeds in the mid-80’s to the low 40’s, looking like nothing more than large and dangerous animals being tamed by a little man on a circus bike. It looked incredibly dangerous, a feat not merely of skill, but also one with great initial risk. He herded us all back, and down, even the Speed Racer invincibles, and just after the 805 joined the 5, his reason became more clear: Just around a small bend in the road, a car was running in the rightmost lane on three tires and a rim at maybe 15 MPH. His tire had come apart somewhere further back, and he only had a few hundred yards more to go before he could clear the highway. The CHP officer’s actions ensured that no one racing around the curve at 80+ MPH would rear end him, no doubt setting off a multiple vehicle accident, complete with horrible injuries and probably fatalities.

How the CHP guy had known about the crippled car I cannot guess, but he had to have known how dangerous such a maneuver would be to him personally. It would have been too easy for one of the knuckle-heads in the traffic flow to try to dart around one of the slower cars in front, and rear-end the CHP bike before anyone could react. The officer did it anyway, to save other’s lives.

There’s just all kinds of courage, is all.


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