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By lex, on September 21st, 2011

Not going anywhere for a while:

TAF KNTD 2115/2215 VRB04KT 6000 BR OVC007 QNH2989INS

FM211800 26007KT 9000 HZ OVC009 QNH2985INS

FM212100 26008KT 9999 NSW FEW008 BKN010 QNH2981INS

BECMG 2201/2203 VRB03KT 9000 BR OVC006 QNH2983INS

FM220900 VRB03KT 4800 BR OVC004 QNH2988INS T20/2121Z T14/2214Z

Translation: at 1500Z (0800 local) on 21-22 September, the winds are variable at 4 knots, visibility 6 kilometers in mist, overcast clouds at 700 feet, altimeter 29.98 inches of mercury. At 1100 local, 9 KMs in haze, overcast at 900′. At 1400 local, no significant weather, few clouds at 800′, broken at 1000. Becoming 9 KMs in mist, overcast at 600′ later in the afternoon. Back down to 400′ overcast later in the evening, 4.8 KMs in mist.

Dog squeeze, for a new transition pilot in other words. In the meantime, I’m catching up with a former shipmate.


Some of you may have read his words before.


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