Bringing Out the Big Sticks

By lex, on November 17th, 2009

It’s pretty much undeniable that the left and the media – or do I repeat myself again? – are unenthusiastic about Sarah Palin. There’s just something about her that drives them over the edge. The carefully cultured mask of smooth superiority slips.

I don’t know enough about the former governor of Alaska to know whether she has the makings of a presidential candidate. I think she’s got the sand for the job, and I believe her heart is in the right place. She bucked a state GOP that needed a good bucking, and twisted the arms of powerful oil interests on behalf of her citizens, in both cases coming out on top: There‘s the kind of change I believe in. What I don’t know – and what I will not be allowed to learn, if the media gets its way – is whether she has the intellectual heft for the job.

Because Sarah must be destroyed.

For an example, one only has to look here *, where Newsweek greets Palin’s newly published memoir with a provocative photo from a running journal and asks “How do you solve a problem like Sarah,” a header that literally begs the question, while demonstrating both political and gender  bias (the latter surprising, the former less so) and undoubtedly souring the faces of envious, shrewish, muumu wearing, lemon-eating scolds across the country. For more evidence, we have Max Blumenthal pulling the race card on Sarah’s associates, unconvincingly as it turns out. And then there were the legions of AP fact checkers, busily beavering away now that they’ve been apparently unshackled from plowing the infertile fields of “Dreams from my Father.”

In November of 2009, with the next presidential election three years away, you have to wonder whether it’s too early for this sort of thing, what drives this obsession.

I sort of get why Sarah Palin angers the left: She’s not only unapologetically religious – and not in the approved way – but actually appears to act in accordance with her moral code, refusing to have an abortion after baby Trig was found to have Down’s Syndrome. “Pro-choice” ostensibly means the individual right of people to choose, but by bringing her child into the world, she chose unwisely, a sin which is not to be forgiven. And anyway the controlling media narrative of social conservatives must be one of hypocrisy, which Palin fails to deliver.

Too, she’s a charismatic, powerful woman apparently engaged in a committed, sharing and loving relationship with one man, who – the muumu wearing set cannot have failed to mournfully observe – is hisself something of a hunk, contrasted to the neutered nebbishes of their own personal acquaintance. Which would probably be almost permissible, if she was from the political left, but is manifestly intolerable in one with alternative political views. For the left, women’s liberation, if it means anything at all, means endorsing the Democratic Party platform: Congratulations, you are free – now get in line.

Because heretics will be burned, and she challenges too many foundational assumptions.

And of course she didn’t go to Harvard or Yale, which deeply offends the Columbia J-School set. Witness to the Great Game, but rarely players, they are comfortable having people to look up to, and people to look down up0n. After a long series of collegiate adventures in places no one in Manhattan had ever heard of, young Sarah Palin finally got her degree from the University of Idaho. In the minds of the J-School jollies, this puts her in the category of people who one should not have to look upon at all unless with pity, and yet the media can’t take their eyes off of her. In a kind of vicious and self reinforcing circle  – best personified by the more spettle-flecked inventions of a once interesting pundit – they hate themselves for looking at her, and hate her even more for making them.

She’s got personal charisma, grit, energy and character, but what we have not yet convincingly seen is whether she has the intelligence for the top political job in the country. If she was really as air-headed as her opponents claim her to be, you’d think they’d rejoice in her prominence, looking towards the time when her election campaign crashed and burned upon the altar of the polling booth.

But the tribunes of the people will not allow the voice of the people to be heard, because the character assassins will ensure that we never will get to learn who Sarah Palin truly is.

The answer might be, quite simply, too terrifying.

* 09-21-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

** 09-21-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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