This won’t hurt a bit

June 26th, 2007 by lex


Well, by the time your read this I’m on travel back east – I guess I’ve lived in California too long, when I use the words “back east” to refer to anything other side of the 15, but anyway.

A couple days of setting the world to rights, etc. Because you know there’s nothing like a meeting to get things done.

Was on leave last week, but fell ill with a bad bug just as my sister arrived from Virginia to pass the weekend with us. Had plans for a play in the park and maybe a ball game down at Petco, but all of that fell to ashes in the event. Made for a sub-optimal stay for her I’m sure, but my sympathies were otherwise engaged: You know how sometimes your gut rumbles?

Mine was talking in complete sentences.

Crossing my fingers that it’s farewell to all that before I jump on that early morning jet – my secretary does so love getting me out of town by 0630 when I travel. It isn’t like there’s any easy way to get from San Diego to Chesapeake, Virginia, but neither am I scared of the dark for God’s sake.

It’s just she’s been around here a lot longer with me, will be here when I’m long gone and is in any case imbued with an immense store of moral authority.

Ah, well: This won’t hurt a bit.


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