California Dreaming


By lex, on January 20th, 2009

So, anyway, I’ve been doing the due diligence on getting that tailwheel endorsement, just for the novelty that’s in it. Reached out to a local bidnessman * on the recommendation of an occasional reader. On the phone the entrepreneur sounded like he was maybe 10 years old. His chief pilot * being maybe younger.

He  has access to a flying club Champ with all of 65 horses under the cowl, all the way down at Brown Field. Which, as we used to say in the halls of the Prestigious Navy Fighter Weapons School, is a long walk to a small house. (Which, by the way, if you’re from tidewater Virginia – and, strangely, most of Canada –  rhymes with “howl” at least until you get to the sibilants.) $40 per hour for the instruction, another $60 for the rental. Ten hours at the most to get the sign-off.

A thousand bucks.


Reached out to my Jedi master, and asked him what he had brewing. Told me there was a lovely 300 HP Stearman on sale, not so very far away. Fully aerobatic open cockpit for maybe $75k. A bargain at half the price.

California Dreaming

With one round primed for down range fires, and another in the hopper, it’s about time to think about selling down. A house of  5/21/2 made perfect sense when there were five of us haunting the premises. A 3/2 sounds much more appropriate to our station now that there are, well: Three of us. Or will be soon. Two of ‘em sharing the same space.

Even with the housing market slide there should be room after sales for college tuition, and maybe a 300 HP Stearman too.

That horse, for the Kat?

It’s still waiting down in Texas.

Will any of this actually happen? Refer to the title.

* 08-31-2018 Links Gone; no replacements found – Ed.                     

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