By lex, on April 7th, 2007

Danny Dietz was a second class petty officer and Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan. He earned the Navy Cross, our nation’s second highest military honor – posthumously – for his actions in response to an ambush, laying down covering fire for his team members even as he lay dying from a mortal wound. He fought for his country, died for his friends, came home to a family that laid him to rest.

He grew up in Littleton, Colorado. His family and local congressman raised private funds to place a statue in a park near the neighborhood he grew up in. The city council voted unanimously in favor of the plan. The statue is based on one of the last photographs taken of Petty Officer Dietz in life.


Not everyone is pleased: *

(A) group of parents wants the city to recast the statue or place it elsewhere, arguing that the site, near three elementary schools and two parks, is a hub for young children who could find the weapon disturbing.

“While our hearts go out to the family of this brave young man, we have serious concerns regarding the graphic and violent detail the statue portrays,” stated a flier distributed recently in a nearby neighborhood.

“As a community, we cannot allow the many young children in this area to be exposed to a larger than life-size grenade-launching machine gun,” the flier stated.

Certainly, the image of a warrior carrying the weapons of his trade, weapons he used to defend the rights of pampered poodles who are afraid of guns, can be seen as insensitive.

Perhaps, for those objecting, this would be a better image?


That’s Maria Dietz, Danny’s widow. With Danny, after he came home. She doesn’t quite understand her neighbors’ objections:

(She) called the references to Columbine “offensive.”

“Danny used his gun to protect innocent lives and fight for this country,” said Mrs. Dietz, who lives in Virginia Beach. “For them to compare that to Columbine is offensive not only to my husband, but to every other citizen who died behind enemy lines.”

She said she hoped that children who pass the memorial would be inspired by his example.

“He’s a role model for any kid in that area, someone who grew up and became a hero with his combat gear, which included his gun,” Mrs. Dietz said.

I’m not quite sure I understand their objections either: These are soft people who for their freedoms depend upon hard men willing to use rifles to defend them. They’d rather not acknowledge any of the facts in that sentence. Instead they choose to believe that their privileges are birthrights, or if not, demand that the soldiers who protect them at least have the good grace to die anonymously.

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*Washington Times April 6, 2007 “Community at odds over fallen hero’s statue”–Ed


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  2. Patricio

    My God, we have truly become a nation of pussies. Our children need to see and be taught that this is the cost of freedom. That this warrior laid down his life to save his brothers – just as they would have for him. Sickening. God bless his widow and both families for their loss.

  3. susan carroll

    We need to teach our children that freedom is never free. It always requires sacrifice, and usually death, by those fighting for freedom.

  4. Chris

    Your children are going to be exposed to far worse than a war hero holding his weapon. My god, what is wrong with people? Myself and many of my friends grew up playing with toy guns and we turned out just fine. I’d be more concerned with how your children are going to grow up living such sheltered lives.

  5. Keith Fowler

    It is very difficult to find words that express my complete disgust with anyone that has the gall to find a statue of a fallen soldier, that fought and gave his life so we, the people of this country, can live the life that allows some folks to be so dead of heart as to complain about a statue that dignifies the sacrifice that was made for his country. And NO I don’t give a s— about whether your child is traumatized by viewing a statue depicting a hero. What has your child ever done of any value to anyone, nothing, and probably never will.

  6. Randy Osborn

    You pussified idiots need to grow a brain. Arrogance towards and indifference to suffering of those who make your granola-bar and tofu-eating, peace for everyone way of life is sickening and debilitating to those who actually put their lives on the line so that birthright citizens like you that have done NOTHING for this country pontificate your hollow and agenda-driven virtues, who would be run-over in countries where these patriots go without fear. Get off your utopian peace pipe and start taking pride in the patriots who enable your way of life. Celebrate them openly, or take your whiny ass and go to Afghanistan in their footsteps before shooting off your mouth. You make me sick and embarassed both.

  7. Rick Giannascoli

    Wake up! More political correctness destroying the fabric of our society. Look what’s happening around you. They should publish the names of those people who don’t appreciate the sacrifice of this American hero. As our liberties continue to be taken away, one day they will wish he was still living there and pray for a man like this to come rescue them.

  8. The evolution of the Eloi has begun.

  9. Pam Hennessey

    This is absurd. Danny IS a role model for our children. This is my boy, a 5th grader in Utah at his elementary school last week.

    Colorado needs to put down the happy weed, and wake the hell up.

  10. Shellie wooley

    Children should know what real heroes look like, what it takes for them to defend our home and country. For this man it took his life, how dare they try to stop any sort of tribute in honor of this man. Terrible! You that are standing in the way need to grow up, you don’t deserve the freedoms he stood up and died for if you haven’t the courage to look his weaponry in the eye. He was a real man a self sacrificing individual who went out for you and your children doing things you obviously couldn’t be felt a strong desire had a know how a strength not many do, lost his life for you get off your asses & do something for his family !!!!

  11. Bob Burdick

    Amazing, even as a child I understood the difference between a war memorial and glorification of guns. We are making future generations so shallow and not giving them credit for depth of thought. Parents stand up and teach your children right from wrong. Don’t try to legislate it. Have the guts to teach them critical thinking and give them a moral compass to go by. It is YOUR responsibility.

  12. Rich Winters

    I am a Marine Who fought a long time ago and that statue stands for the brave men and women who fight for your freedom to say what you want but it in no way should be spoke of in the same sentence as that massacre . of children . should we take down all of our countries war memorials .

  13. Core

    Great article. There is a DISCONNECT in American culture to the realities of maintaining national security. Thanks to Bloomberg, the Clinton’s, and others in the anti gun movement, we have a culture of Americans who believe guns are the root of violence in America. It’s a propaganda campaign perpetuated and funded by conglomerates and financial institutions. The same group that caused the last housing market crash which led to the global financial crisis. They are working off a European model, probably rooted in the Deutsche Bank which you can trace the onset of the mortgage crisis to their work exploiting Michigan home owners. Violent crime exists in every nation, it’s a continuous phenomenon. It’s scope is not discreet to laws or borders, it is rooted in cultural values, morals, and ethics. You could say financial health has more to do with violent crime than guns and you would be 100% correct. The big banks know this, and taking guns from the little people is the first step to controlling the market. It’s okay for the elite to have private security armed with machine guns, staffed by former commandos, (Bloomberg) but the poor masses cannot carry a concealed pistol to protect themselves and families. This all sounds like a conspiracy, but I tell you you couldn’t make this story up.. It’s a model that the European banks have used to profit and it’s laying waste to many European nations. But this hero should have his monument, and if the bleeding hearts in the community can’t understand why the gun is a critical element to the monument, they should get out there and see the difference between a free nation and a police state. In a police state you are at the mercy of criminals amd madmen, waiting for the authorities to respond. Living under strict surveillance, trading liberty for a little security. In America, we can choose to protect ourselves and our communities, and work with the authorities. Many nations are not afforded this because tyrants have long restricted the population from owning weapons. These nations see high violent crime and instability created by the criminal and police state dynamic. Europe has proven historically that they have needed bail outs time and time again. Lets not follow in their footsteps. I can relate to the folks who are sick of gun related violence, but understanding the root cause is critical to solving the problem. Employment rates, drug trafficking, and the healthcare system has more to do with curbing gun violence than access to guns. Lock your guns up if you have family members with mental illness, and take time to get them the help they need. I truly appreciate the sacrifice Petty Officer Dietz and his family has made for this country. His M4A1 SOPMOD should be allowed on the monument to remind us all that freedom is not free. While the folks who object to the imagery of a gun, may have good intentions, if they continue to nourish the fallacy that our nation will remain free without heroes like Dietz, and others in our communities, by their strength and courage to take up arms against tyrants and madmen, our children will wear the chains of our ignorance. Rest in peace Frogman.

  14. Brock

    What profound moral cowardice. As a vet and a mental health professional it disgusts me how pathetic this is. This man died for you and you do not possess the fortitude to hobor him? Pathetic. RIP brother. We will honor you even if the sheep are too afraid too.

  15. Jason

    Unbelievable. Those people offended should move out of this great nation to a 3 world country to get real insight to why we post these amazing, honoring statues. Danny is a hero that should be honed by his countrymen daily. Dear residence who are offended, sorry but the statue stays!!

  16. Ray kaighn

    What a pathetic group of sheep! My Email is below and you can comment to me personally, if you have the guts. Every person in my family for four generations back has served in one war or another. My great grandfather served in the Army, my grandfather served in the army, my mother served in the WAC, my father in the Navy, I served om board Nulear Ballistic submarines, my youngest son is serving in the Navy right now so you sheep that are living your Cush lives and dare to put this hero down or reject what he did or has done are sheep and will continue to be sheep! You make me sick to mention his great name in the same paragraph as Colombine. Your liberal “frightened of gun” society will not change until one of your kids decides to cmake that ultimate sacrifice, and may not even then. Sheep, just little lambs!!! Get off the weed and find out how you can live the lives you do. By sacrifice of our best and brightest. If you can’t understand try another country..

  17. Justin Gilbert

    Welcome to the united states of America. It is a public park. Members of the public have a problem with the proposed statue and have voiced their concerns. That’s how a nation with freedom of speech works. If those who wish to honor Petty Officer Dietz immediately without delay, purchase a private site and install the statue. Petty Officer’s death is tragic, I hope he and his family can get what they deserve and have earned. I also hope we never lose the right to publicly debate, no matter how contentious the topic, what we do with land and resources held by the public.

  18. Patricia Lucas

    I don’t believe it! These people who don’t like the memorials need to move to Afghanistan ior wherever they feel they can enjoy the liberty and freedom that they think they want. These men of Operation Red Wing are heroes and they deserve to be honored. My son also died in this tragedy and unbelievably his memorial was vandalized, my house was broken into and they stole his medals, and the list goes on. The lack of respect, patriotism, and responsibility baffles me. I am so sad about this country and the direction that it will s travelling in. Both of my sons are serving in the positions of service. My oldest one has given the ultimate sacrifice. I pray for them everyday. I see no point in helping some people anymore. Leave the statue alone and teach the children what the sacrifice represents.

  19. Bill Woods

    The parents of any child who is disturbed by that rifle in the hands of a professional should be charged with potential child endangerment.

    Yes, I know that charge does not exist.

    If a child is disturbed by it then that is what they were taught by their parents.

    Would the children be disturbed by a police officer who is carrying a gun. Would they rather have them fall into the hands of a predator than be disturbed by a political agenda?

    Don’t focus on the gun, focus on the amazing character of a young man who chose service before self and is someone to be emulated, not villanized.

  20. Joe Berry

    Oh my GOD, he has a bronze gun. How many of our children will it hurt or kill? I cannot understand the stupidity and and actions of fearful libtards.

  21. It saddens me how people treat the very person that gives them the freedom that they take for granted. This hero died protecting his fellow soldiers and should be honored for it. For those protesters, get a gun, go to a war zone and see how long you survive.

  22. Jeffrey

    I see nothing wrong with the picture or the weapon. Its just dumb ass liberals being over protective of there kids. But yet the kids see killing on tv on the computer and everywhere else. Look at what kids went through during the Civil war?!. Look at what kids go through in other countries and your telling me they don’t want to see a statue of a soldier and his weapon?. We are pussies aren’t we!?. Obama and his ass clowns have turned us this way.

  23. Elan Mumme

    You have got to be F’n kidding me right!?

  24. David Seitz

    Your comments are so spot on. Nice to hear from real Americans! Statue should stay as proposed!

  25. Lisa

    The same people who are whining about this hero’s statue probably don’t want their children taught about WWII or Korea or Vietnam because it’s unpleasant. Get real people! Life isn’t pretty all of the time. Not everyone gets a participation trophy. Sometimes people sacrifice for the good of others. Let us not forget

  26. Shannon BInyon

    To the people who the statute offends…..,,,,move your whiney asses to Afganistan or elsewhere and you will get to see the real thing being used in your hometown streets on a daily basis. You liberal pricks make me sick.

  27. Stu K

    These People are Disgusting !!!
    “While our hearts go out to the family of this brave young man, we have serious concerns regarding the graphic and violent detail the statue portrays,” stated a flier distributed recently in a nearby neighborhood.
    “As a community, we cannot allow the many young children in this area to be exposed to a larger than life-size grenade-launching machine gun,” the flier stated.

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