The Case for Capital Punishment

By lex, on April 1st, 2010

Serial killer Rodney Alcala has been convicted of the rape, torture and murder of four women, including a 12-year old girl. Now he has been sentenced to die for his crimes. There may be countless others, as police desperately try to identify the photographs of hundreds of women found in a storage locker maintained by Alcala. He has expressed no remorse, denying his guilt even in face of mountains of evidence.

This is not to protect further innocents: His crimes –  at least the ones we know about – are 30 years in the past. It is not to dissuade others from pursuing the same path. Narcissistic, homicidal sociopaths are not easily dissuaded. This is not punishment – it is retribution.

It’s because he is a monster hiding in a man suit. It’s because we owe ourselves his absence.

He doesn’t belong here.

It’s time for him to go.

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