Good clean fun

By lex, on April 1st, 2006

Thirty-five miles on the bike today, up to Carlsbad and back on the 101 for an almost 2000 calorie burn. Earned the right to take SNO and his GF down to Bronx Pizza in the Hillcrest neighborhood for a slice of straight-to-the-heart. Went shooting after, pistols this time.

My man chose a Springfield Armory M1911 – he is a bit of a nostalgaic – while his lady friend found the Ruger Mark II .22LR – a lovely little pistol, easy to point, fun to shoot, and cheap to operate besides – more to her liking. And I? I shot the H&K USP 45ACP, and was very pleased with it, taken as a whole. Oh, I had quibbles: The slide release is almost too far forward for single handed operation, and the magazine release back there at the base of the trigger guard seems a wee, flimsy thing, almost an afterthought.

The Ruger has the advantage of letting you safe the weapon during charging – in the H&K, like the 1911, the mechanical safety can only be engaged once the slide is forward, and the weapon charged, which always felt to me for a moment like the barn door was open and the horse there in the archway, turning it over in his head. Weighing the odds.

The M1911 was the first pistol I ever qualified on, and fits my hand like a life-long lover. I like the grip safety, and the authoritative, no-nonsense feel to all its mechanical functions. Even after all these years, it is a pistol that seems to know what it was made for. A pistol whose only concession to modernity is dignified contempt. It almost felt like cheating, trying the H&K instead. Ten rounds in the magazine, to the 1911′s eight was little enough differentiation, but the H&K was a dream to shoot, with a tight action and dreamy accuracy. Using silhouettes I put all ten rounds into a dense cluster in the 10 ring at 20 yards with aimed fire, taking my time.

That would have been harder to do, I think, with SNO’s gun.

Three weapons, fifty rounds each, six targets and three to a lane: $95, not cheap, even with a military discount.

But still: Good clean fun.

And only in Americatm

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