Change for its Own Sake?


By lex, on June 15th, 2010

SecDef is all set to rattle the china at the headquarters of a fully-functioning military force:

In a major break with tradition, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates ** is planning to recommend that the president select a career aviator as the next commandant of the Marine Corps, a military official said Monday night.

If nominated and confirmed, Gen. James F. Amos would be the first Marine commandant with a background as a jet pilot — at a time when the Corps is fighting a ground-dominated war in Afghanistan — and his selection reasserts Gates’s willingness to shake up established service bureaucracies…

Amos has developed a reputation among Marines as an innovative thinker about future combat, said military officials. As the Corps’ assistant commandant, he has also been a passionate advocate for finding additional resources to treat Marines diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

In choosing Amos for commandant, Gates passed over Gen. James N. Mattis, who is widely considered one of the military’s best minds when it comes to waging war on insurgents.

It’s one thing to knock USAF skulls when nuclear weapons go missing. Quite another thing to tease at the Corps’ foundational belief that “every Marine is a rifleman” and that all combat capabilities are designed to support the infantryman. That culture has served the Corps – and the country – quite well for a couple hundred years.

It’s tempting to meddle, but sometimes things unbroken are best left unfixed.

**  10-05-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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