Cirrus Jet

Posted  by lex on June 29th, 2007

Cirrus Design Corporation – the company that almost single-handedly revived the private prop market with their SR-22 offering – is upping their game, unveiling a first-ever “private jet” for the rest of us.

Well, the rest of us that have a cool $1 million to blow on a single-engined, parachute equipped jet that seats five adults and two children.

Prop planes are all well and good for keeping your hand in on the weekends, but the problem with them is that it takes forever to get anywhere. In fact, given time running back and forth to an airport, flight planning and preflight, you pretty much have to be going more than a hundred miles to make manning up worth the hassle, while even a short hop of 500 miles or so means 3.5 – 4 hours of flight time with a turnaround on deck somewhere in between. Anything longer than that is not so much a cross-country as it is an endurance contest.

All that is changed, changed utterly in a single-engine jet. Three hundred knots cruise and a thousand mile range makes the idea appealing to higher end operators of such dated aircraft as P210s and V35’s.

Of course, at a million bucks, they’re not exactly giving them away, are they precious?

No, precious. No they are not.

But they are at a discount compared to the Diamond D-Jet, at $1.38 mil or so the closest competitor in this space.

The training and certification issue will be non-trivial, I should think. With a service ceiling of 25,000 feet, we’re talking operations in Class A airspace, a pressurized cabin and liquid oxygen, I should think, as well as the kind of physiological training most GA veterans have never needed.

Let’s see: I get a little over a thousand unique visits per day – if each one of you gave…

Ah. Never mind.

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