Good man yerself!

Posted by lex, on June 14th, 2007

Got a nice note I thought I’d share. Because you know me: I’m all about sharing –

Dear Sir:

My wife and I were having dinner at a restaurant when I launched into telling her about something I had read that day on your web site. (Oh, this wasn’t the first time this had occurred and she *really* appreciates such interjection during “just us time” conversations.) But, anyway, while doing so I observed that I was enjoying the remarkably fine taste of an ice-cold Guinness. It was then, in mid-Lex-story-regurgitation, that I realized what an incredible deadbeat I was. For years I’ve read your blog and have seen you smiling back from the label on that Guinness glass but I’d never bought you a round. Well, sir, this isn’t much, it certainly isn’t fair compensation for what you give your readers, but I hope you will accept a contribution to your beer fund along with my sincere gratitude. And then go get yourself a Guinness. Or two.

I know that I’ve been reading your blog almost everyday for a bunch o’ days but I can’t recall when it all started. I thought I might remember if I browsed your archives over at the old site. Big mistake. While I didn’t find that “one” entry that marked the beginning of my addiction, I did find a lot of great reading and time… just… slipped… away…. (Work?! I’m supposed to be working!) As luck would have it, my first stop was “The Helo Dunker” (10 February 2004). Oh, how the memories came flooding back. Like pool water up the nose. Or, since I was inverted, (then: AOCS Class 13-87; now: civilian), would that be down the nose?

Which brings me to another point. For the longest time I had the impression, based on your writings about advancing age, child rearing, flight physicals, and the well-established fact that to be an O-6 you had to be, well, old, that you were not only (far, far) advanced of me in feats of derring do but also in laps around the Sun. I was very distressed when one of your recent entries revealed that we are of the same age. That being the fact, go easy with the old guy jokes. Sir. It ain’t funny any more. Well, maybe just a little funny.

I’ve read your “Beliefs” page  a couple times before. Shortly after my Guinness/deadbeat epiphany, I thought it might be enlightening to spring a pop quiz on my wife and 14yo son. I printed the web page and read each belief aloud with the expectation of a “agree,” “disagree,” or “don’t know” answer. I was pleased, (but not surprised), that the final tally had both family members overwhelmingly in agreement with the “beliefs” as presented and only a couple “don’t knows.” My own inventory, completed earlier, was also rock solid. And, thank you, the exercise provided a wonderful chunk of family time and was a catalyst for a variety of wide-ranging and expanding discussions.

Bravo Zulu for an excellent web site.

Very respectfully,
– Rhino

Very welcome he was too and I told him thanks for his kind words and even kinder gesture. 

Sometimes it’s a labor of love. Sometimes it’s merely a labor. But it’s always good to hear from a satisfied customer. 

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10-11-20 I liked this post for the fact that it showed the influence Neptunus Lex had far and wide – and the variety of his subjects – and then thought I ought to dig back into the Wayback Machine to show the Guinness glass to which Rhino mentions. – Ed.

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