Night CQ

Posted by lex, on June 14th, 2007

Well, sure, you’ve heard how we used to do it back in the days when the earth was cooling and dinosaurs roamed the lands – back when real men flew of FA-18A’s, I mean – but have you read about night carrier qualification in Tanker Super Hornet?

No. No you haven’t.

Now you can:

As the last guys finish their dinner, we all look at each other with similar glances. Not a word needs to be said but everyone is thinking the exact same thing. The expressions say it all. It’s time to walk upstairs and play ball. We’ve been preparing ourselves for this for years now, and it’s what sets a Naval Aviator apart from every other pilot in the world. If you can’t do it, the years of training leading up to this point are no good to you. As one of our paddles said, if you can’t succeed at this you’re useless to us as a Hornet pilot because we fly, and fight, in the dark. We have to go land this thing on the boat … at night.

Day cats and landings get to be fun after a while. A night cat shot is the triumph of faith over experience.

(H/T to Jason for the link)

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