Just Kidding

By lex, on October 16th, 2010

Looks like, after being left to dangle for the length of a book, Dutch politician Geert Wilders is going to get a pass:

The Geert Wilders trial is as good as over. The public prosecutor has called for the populist politician to be acquitted of all charges against him. The trial will continue, but everything is now an anti-climax.

During two days of intricately constructed arguments, the prosecutors told the court they found no evidence that Geert Wilders had broken the law.

“We request acquittal on fact 2…we request acquittal on fact 3.” Statement after statement, and charge after charge, prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman, who took turns reading the arguments, said Wilders had not broken the law.

The prosecutors consistently came to the same conclusion. What Wilders said may be ‘hurtful to Muslims, and may be met with emotional responses’, but he did not break the law.

Dunno how the Dutch legal system works, but it would seem to me that the time to determine whether Wilders had broken the law (rather than hurt peoples’ feelings) was before he’d been charged, arraigned and brought before the court.

Unless the whole point of the dreary exercise was state intimidation, which have as much of that as you’d like, for I need none.

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