Really Bad Weekend

November 21, 2005

Don’t want to go into any details, suffice it to say that a thing which had been sufficiently worrying took a dramatic turn for the worse this weekend. I’ve been stretched a little too thin for quite some time now, and it’s time for me to shed some workload and re-prioritize my efforts. This has been fun, but faced with what I’m up against it’s far too time-consuming and a far too guilty pleasure.

I’ve got a lot going on in life, right now: Husband, father, naval officer, grad school student and blogger. I’m finding out that I can’t be all of these, at least not to the level that they deserve. I need to take a break at the very least. Maybe even pull the plug. I’m taking a week to try to bandage up the things that need bandaging, and think everything over. Come back next Monday, if it suits you, and I should have come to a better understanding of where things are, at least in my own mind.

Worse comes to worst, I’ll finish the “Rhythms” series off – that was always going to be a natural (if optional) off-ramp anyway. After that, the tale was done.

I’ve put some of you through this before. Sorry to do it again. But this is really important to me.

Update: Oh. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way.


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One response to “Really Bad Weekend

  1. Marc Drobny

    Waking up this morning August 8, 2020 and seeing this repost from 15 years ago. Wow 15 YEARS. Something made me stop and think how disgusted my friend Lex would have been at the current state of public debate and basic concern for our fellow human beings. ALL of them. It shouldn’t be so hard to just be a good person. Here’s to you Lex, glad you’re in a better place. Put in a word with the big guy for us, we could use the help!

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