Things fall apart

Posted by lex, on June 14th, 2007

Bad just got worse:

President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led unity government and declared a state of emergency Thursday after four days of fighting that has left Hamas in control of much of Gaza.

Hamas has seized control of all Palestinian Authority security installations in the territory.

Shortly before midnight (5 p.m. ET), Hamas sources told CNN, the presidential compound also fell.

If confirmed it would mean all Abbas-controlled security installations are under Hamas control.

Fighters loyal to Hamas, led by Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, waved their green banners from atop the headquarters of the Preventive Security Service in Gaza City and took numerous prisoners from Abbas’ Fatah party.

“In Gaza, a military coup attempt has taken place against the Palestinian Authority,” Abbas aide Tayeb Abdel Rahim said.

Under the state of emergency, Abbas will have the authority to replace the current Hamas Cabinet with his Fatah allies. The temporary Cabinet would have to be approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council after 30 days.

Currently, there is no government control in Gaza, according to Palestinian legislator Saeb Erakat.

“Gaza is now officially out of our control as the Palestinian Authority,” said Erakat, who is aligned with the Fatah party.

He blamed a “renegade force” in Gaza for staging a “major coup d’etat.”

Ralph Peters blames the Arabs.

The Boston Globe says, “yes, yes – but what about the Jews?” Because, you know – they occupied Gaza. Before giving it back.


I’m somehow reminded of Yeats.

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