In Search of Moderation

By lex, on June 10th, 2010

Much has been made of a brewing attempt to include moderate Taliban elements in a cohabitation government with Kabul to put an end to the butchery there. One village at least can plainly be excluded from that search:**

Suspected Taliban militants executed a seven-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan after accusing him of spying for the government, a provincial official said Wednesday.

The child was captured by the militants in Sangin district of southern province of Helmand Tuesday, Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

How on earth a pastoral seven year old could have been found guilty of spying for the government entirely eludes me. My own suspicion is that the poor lad simply wouldn’t give it up for the black turbaned set who – being largely denied earthly pleasures in this life while busily running around looking for apostate throats to slit – are notoriously given over to, shall we say, alternative outlets to their animal spirits.

In other news,*  40 people were killed and at least 73 wounded in an explosion at a wedding in Kanduhar. Also, speaking to scholars at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Charles of England, Prince of Wales, prospective Defender of the Faith and head of the C of E finds much to admire about the Islamic world’s custody of the environment:

Prince Charles yesterday urged the world to follow Islamic ‘spiritual principles’ in order to protect the environment.

In an hour-long speech, the heir to the throne argued that man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam.

Having had the opportunity to visit in such ecologically paradisaical places as Pakistan, the GCC states, Malaysia and Kuwait, I am left to draw the reluctant conclusion that either not all of them are following the custodial precepts of Islam to the jot, or else that the Prince of Wales really needs to get about more.

* 10-05-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

**  10-05-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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