Double Haul

By lex, on February 17th, 2012

So, the ice-off is just around the corner, and I have my Christmas gifts all assembled. A 9′/5W St. Croix Elite rod, coupled with an Orvis Battenkill, mid-arbor reel. Hydros 5-wt line and a 9′, 5x tapered nylon leader. Some tippet material when the leader gets a little thick. A nice over-the-shoulder pack to replace my worn out vest.

The waders and boots will probably have to wait a few more paychecks. But in the short term I’ve been able to practice some casts on the creek in the back yard. Pretty good with the standard casting, and my roll casts are going pretty well also. But I’ve been struggling a bit with my double-haul casts.

Fortunately for me, people are giving free instruction on YouTube.

You know, if it weren’t for the crazies overseas, and loonies in Washington, this would have all the makings of a fine century.

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