Michelle compiled a list of “Lexisms”…all those wonderful little quips of Lex’s that would pepper his posts and give it that personality. I have added a few at the top, knowing some may be a Navy-wide expression but Lex used them frequently. 

Any of you have some more, just leave a comment and I’ll put them in – the more the merrier!  – BB.

The Hobbit (his wife) , SNO (Son Number one), The Biscuit (eldest daughter, and The Kat (Youngest daughter)

A short but exciting conversation ensued (when a subordinate is brought before a CO)

Bloom where you’re planted.

Orders are orders. Misery is optional.

TOPGUN.  All caps. One word. Don’t ask.

I learned something about flying (leadership) that day.

It’s better to be lucky than to be good. (a Navy wide expression)

It’s better to die than to look bad. (aviation specific)

No slack in light (fighter) attack.

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

Bug smasher

“plumbers” and “farmers”

Warheads on foreheads

“pour encourager les autres”

We’re all friends here.

Attack the message, if you must, but not the messenger.

We don’t do trolls here.

There are places for that.

‘Tis to weep.

No slack in light attack.

That was a very long walk to a very small house.

There are old pilots and there are bold pilots and the crossover is pretty small.

For those who know, no explanation is required. For those who don’t, no explanation will suffice.

Occasional reader (Despite 1000s reading per day Lex referred to everyone as “occasional readers”

Where do we find men like these?/Where do we find such men?

Guinness (for strength!) Jameson for Courage

For the … that was in it.”

I can’t help it: I’m a giver. I give.

And would I like one at all? I would.

Which, the keys are in it …

Talk amongst yourselves

Sandy Eggo

Precious little snowflake


Everything trembling in the balance

And I have that going for me now, don’t I?  Which is nice.

Crushing Burden of Debt (The family home across I5 from Del Mar, where the Del Martians reside – Ed.)

The All-Girl Spending Team

Sufficient unto the day the evil thereof

So there’s that.

And if you’re wondering whether you can buy me a beer, the answer is yes. Yes, you can.

Which it’s my story, innit? So I get to tell it any way I like and that’s the way I remember it, as far as you know.

It’s my story. He may tell it differently.

The Great White UP


Your man (Son Number One)

Attendant to his duties

Brothers in arms

Brother from another mother

Time is the fire we all burn in

You can’t break the low altitude record. You can only tie it.

Darker than six feet up a clown’s a**

Darker than a hat full of **holes

Darker than a witch’s dreams

Did I mention it was dark?

Exploding bolts on a sheriff’s badge

Change of command without a band

<insert equipment here> decided to play the fool

Bread and circuses

He was required and desired to

Chez Lex

Blackshoe (Professional Surface Warfare Officer)

Once you’ve hit the IP you’re on government time

The prestigious Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN)

Canoe U

The Trade School on the Severn (USNA)

I misremember.

Twisted steal and sex appeal

Son of  a beach carp

Partying like rock stores (in foreign ports)

The Martin Baker option (ejecting)

Joining the Martin Baker fanclub

Showing a little bit/too much thigh

That’s not your issue, just baggage.

Government sponsored crack cocaine

Pretty thin beer

Bitching Betty

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Clearing at the end of the path

Lex Babes

Sentence. One. Word. At. A. Time

Carrying a whole bag of knots

Falling out of the sky like a turd off a tall moose

Coupla/For the next couple

Which has all the virtue of being halfway right, and if you bat .500 in the major leagues your glory will last forever

A wee sma’ thing

We all of us preserve

Lo, these many years…

Wounds heal, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever.

For it’s lost I am, lost utterly.

Full grunt

Sometimes I have to pinch myself … to make sure I’m not dreaming.

[on a carrier]  … headed up to the roof to man up

Not on my watch

[Five bucks] or I shoot the dog.

Color me skeptical

Hush, it’s dreaming we’re doing

More’s the pity

It’s not all beer and skittles.

Thus, the government you deserve.

Bladder over-pressure light

Me? I’ve got nothing.

Nobbut and sommat

We few, we (mostly) lucky few.

The Good Lord willing and the dam don’t break.

So, yah, it’s pretty much all glory and getting the girl, flying fighters.

Above the law, until you’re not

 Ave atque vale

Depending on your point of view, that’s either a feature or a bug.

desole” and “soi-dissant” and the ever popular “nuanced”

The fever swamp rats are drinking their own bath water again.

The perpetually aggrieved set

Drinking the koolaid

Think of teh puppies!!!111!!

Eleventy eleven !!11!!1!

Speaking about Erica Jong: “You’ve got to wonder how people – even shallow, inconsequential pornography writers – become so dam infantilized.”

Your humble correspondent/ your host



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18 responses to “Lexisms

  1. oldafsarge

    Man do these Lexisms bring back some fond memories. Thanks Michelle!

  2. xbradtc

    I’m often amazed at the influence on my own writing he’s had. I’m not good, but I’m a heck of a lot better, thanks to him.

  3. homefrontsix

    And I, as well. From the moment I started reading his blog, and even moreso after having met him, I try to emulate his style. I fail miserably but I try.

  4. Our man sure had a way with turning a phrase.

  5. SoCal Pir8

    Copy made and stowed with favorite Lex posts.

  6. Reading those put a great big lump in my throat. Kinda dusty in here.

  7. For it’s lost I am, lost utterly.

    A little poignant for all of us these days.

  8. Randy K

    Can someone point me to some context for ‘ “plumbers” and “farmers” ‘… I don’t recall that one, but I’m betting I’m missing out on something good.

  9. Bruce Jones

    Randy, here’s the short version.

  10. OldSchool

    ring tailed baboon in full grunt

    is another that comes to mind. Lex was a colorful writer (hurts to use past tense … pls pardon me just a moment as I adjust the wiper rate … better now). Sometimes he admitted the blog consumed time and effort – but his writings were wonderful. The way he could bring in appropriate portions of The Classics etc … a very well read person who educated us all.

  11. Sandi

    I was at a fundraiser for the Milwaukee Air Show last night when Lex became a topic of conversation and the first comment made was “TOPGUN, one word, all caps.”

    • Randy K

      So Sandi… your the person I should make friends with if I wanted to get good seats at the airshow?

      You know, so I can take photos to share here and all? 😉

    • Sandi

      Unfortunately, Randy, I don’t have that kind of influence. But, I am the person who can sign you up as a volunteer. 🙂

  12. The Martin-Baker comments are what give me the owchies, in light of recent events. As in, “Good God, Cap’n, you’ve done yer full duty to employer and airplane, now yank those handles and get outta there while you have a second or so left!”

  13. dgharvey

    This provided a much-needed laugh today.

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